American Broadcasting Company surprised his viewers 50 years ago with the premiere of a new TV Show. On January 12, 1966, was aired the first episode of one of the most kitsch and funniest depictions of Bob Kane's dark avenger: Batman. Instead of a crime series, the show was a bizarre comedy, whose characters took the most absurd and exaggerated situations with extreme seriousness, playing them for laughs.

It was absolute psychedelia, an acid-induced trance from an alternate universe where the dynamic duo of caped crusaders performed the Bat-Dance surrounded by beautiful girls with mini skirt dress and knee-high boots on pop and colourful decorated Night Clubs. But it was fun to watch, it's theme song pure genius, and featured one of the most iconic cars ever constructed, George Barris Batmobile.

And 30 years ago, Gary Stern founded Stern Pinball Inc., the last remaining giant of the pinball manufacturing industry. So, to celebrate this double commemorative date, Stern's 30th year in business and Batman TV series 50th anniversary, they've developed Batman 66, an exquisite work of technicolour art disguised as a pinball machine. It's a Geek's dream come true, and you can have it in three different flavours!

Its gameplay is fast-paced action, with diverse game modes where Batman and Robin need to discover the super villain plots and deduce clues so they can thwart their evil plans and capture them. And as a bonus, players are guided through the game by the voices of none other than Adam West and Burt Ward, the original Batman and Robin.

The machine features two full-color high definition displays, one that replaces the traditional dot matrix display, and the other one on the playfield, as part of an interactive game feature. In conjunction with Stern’s new SPIKE-2 electronic pinball platform, they enable high definition graphics and innovative animations, featuring actual footage from the TV Show.

Main Attractions

  • 6 Ball Multiball Event.
  • 2 Crossing Steel Ramps with Wireform Returns.
  • Interactive Crane Toy.
  • All New HD LED Video Display.

Action Turntable Mini Playfield

  • Interactive "Villain Vision TV Set" with Magnet Feature.
  • Illuminated Batphone with Target.
  • Batcomputer Illuminated Target.
  • Bat Analyzer Illuminated Target.
  • Batcave Nuclear Reactor with Target and Flasher.
  • Spinning Batmobile Target.

Ramps & Toys

  • Chrome Finish Ramps
  • Translucent Red Color Left Ramp (LE)
  • Translucent Blue Color Left Ramp (Super LE)
  • Illuminated Bat Signal (Super LE)
  • Spinning Batman Target (Super LE)
  • Batmobile Decorative Toy (Super LE)
  • Batboat Decorative Toy (Super LE)
  • Batcycle Decorative Toy (Super LE)
  • Batcopter Decorative Toy (Super LE)

Batman 66 Premium

Batman 66 Premium Playfield Batman 66 Premium

Batman 66 Limited Edition

Batman 66 Limited Edition Playfield Batman 66 Limited Edition

Batman 66 Super Limited Edition

Batman 66 Super Limited Edition Playfield Batman 66 Super Limited Edition